What Should I Do If I Want To Rent A Whole Server Rack?

What should I do if I want to rent a whole server rack? Well, if you’re looking for an answer to this question, look at the options offered by data center colocation facilities. It might be tempting to think that colocation facilities only offer single or a few server racks, but you would be wrong. They offer entire server racks, and it is not that pricey either.

Why An Entire Server Rack?

There are numerous reasons why you would want an entire server rack. A rack, a 19-inch shelve, for computers is useful for applications that demand considerable computing power. Such applications cannot function at their full potential in shared hosting environments or single rack environments. Applications such as Twitter or Facebook, owing to the enormous bandwidth their users demand require several racks to function, for instance. What should I do if I want to rent a whole server rack? Seek out colocation data centers offering several rack-units (U) in height.

Access to several rack-units allows for storage of more than one component. The different rack sizes, such as the 19-U or the 24-U configurations, determine the number of components it can fit. They also come in different designs such as the open frame racks, enclosed rack systems, and transportable rack systems. Therefore, you will have to determine your needs first before settling for an entire server rack.

Advantages Of Full Racks

Full server racks, owing to their standardized design, allow you to fit specific equipment. However, their specific configuration also means adding new equipment is fairly straightforward. Consequently, with a full server rack, scaling up becomes relatively painless. You avoid considerable downtime when installing new components. Partial racks, on the other hand, require the restructuring of existing components to make space for new equipment. Therefore, taking out an entire server rack can help avoid inconveniences when scaling up.

Another advantage of taking out a full server rack is, even when you do not make use of all the slots available on the rack, there is always space to add more equipment. Therefore, when your business grows, demanding more network access, computing power, and cooling, you can leverage the empty slots for an upgrade. Not having to compete with other renters of the rack makes it considerably easy to upgrade and make desired configurations to the rack.

What should I do if I want to rent a whole server rack?

Server Racks Versus IaaS

Some people are of the opinion that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms, and the resultant Cloud Computing offerings, are better than server racks. From one perspective, cloud computing negates the considerable financial cost of acquiring and maintaining servers. However, if you want to maintain high levels of control on the computing infrastructure, servers are the best option. It becomes possible to install custom technological infrastructure on server racks compared to cloud hosting options. What should I do if I want to rent a whole server rack? Even when IaaS platforms are becoming more versatile in their offerings, colocation data centers afford a higher degree of control.