How Much Does an Entire Server Rack Cost?

Asking how much a server rack costs is like asking how much does a car cost. There are all kinds of servers racks, ranging in size and shape, and can cost as little as $100 to as high as $1000. Therefore, it is important to know what will your server capacity be, presently and for the near future.

How Much Does an Entire Server Rack Cost?

Before you go shopping for a server rack, you must acquaint yourself with the terminology of this particular niche of products, because what you think of server racks is often also referred to as: server cabinets, rack enclosures, network racks, network equipment enclosures, server chassis, etc. The server nomenclatures varies even from even country to country. So, keep that in mind when you are searching for server racks because you will miss some excellent products and servers solutions if you don’t explore all the most commonly named categories. Once you get into the naming patterns it will be much easier to answer the question – how much does an entire server rack cost?

How Much Does an Entire Server Rack Cost?

You can get a mid-sized server enclosure for less than $300, but what is more important is its features. Depending on your growth plans for the future, it would be prudent to select modular server racks, which can seamlessly stack upon each other or side by side. Furthermore, they should be perforated, especially in the front and rear, so to ensure the maximum airflow of the fans, or even if their cooling is only dependent on the climate control of the server room. Next, consider the loading rating for each shelf of the enclosure and of the entire enclosure itself, if it can be vertically stacked.

Server Racks Are Just the Beginning

In addition to enclosures for the servers, you must also account for the PDU (power distribution unit) racks, along with UPS battery packs, and even ATS (automatic transfer switches) units, which can dynamically distribute the power load. Those should be the basic elements of a robust server system. Then you spruce it up and keep it neatly organized with wire management and floor grommets. This will also greatly help in maintaining adequate airflow. Just remember, every detail counts when it comes to proper server maintenance.

Research Is Paramount

If you start small, the cost of server racks could definitely be contained well under $500, even when you account for all other elements. However, you should always think of the capacity for growth so you don’t have to replace the existing server enclosure with something more suitable down the line. That would obviously cost you more in the long run. So, it is better to acquire a more pricey full-height server, optimized for cooling, wire grommets, and extra slots for power units and other backup systems.